May 26, 2021

When one uses the word “ambition” it instantly pulls to mind images of a strong individual, potentially even stubborn, that stops at nothing to achieve what they’re working towards. Marcus Aurelius even coined that “a man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions”. Ambition is the sound of the early morning alarm clock waking you to start your day, it is the notification of your step-count encouraging you to get outdoors and get moving, it is your RSVP to an event that – as much as you want to attend – you simply cannot. You see, ambition is quietly relentless yet always present. In a time where people might be a bit shy to admit their ambitions in life, or even self-identify as an ambitious person, we are learning that having ambition is the core difference between setting a goal and achieving that goal.


Our relationship with ambition actually begins quite early in life. At a younger age we have a strength that no one really talks about – we don’t yet fear failure! Our fear of failure develops over time as we learn more about the world around us and consequences. It’ll come as no surprise that for those that fear failure having consistent ambition can be a difficult thing to achieve. It’s easy to put ambition aside when we’re too busy thinking about what can go wrong. Interestingly, many people are crippled by this and they don’t often start projects or work towards their goals.


Goals and ambitions are great friends. The goal is what we think of, independently or with others, and it is the ambition that helps us achieve this. Setting goals without having any ambition is like trying to fly without wings. You are doomed. Imagine this, you are going on a road trip. Your goal is to get from Destination A to Destination B. Throughout the journey you might encounter detours, backroads, wild weather, and an annoying back-seat driver. None of these factors will deter you from getting to Destination B. The main factor that will… is your petrol tank. Here, the petrol is reflective of your ambition. If you start off with a small amount of ambition you will work towards your goal but it is the full tank that will help you actually achieve it.


Ambition is not perfect. It falters and waivers at times. Experts advise that for people to maintain ambition, it is integral that they surround themselves with like-minded individuals that can share in their ambition, boost morale and keep you focused towards your goals. When dealing with one of your most important assets in life, your home or business, figuring out your end goal is much easier than working towards it. At Telos Group, we pride ourselves on being a collective of highly motivated, highly ambitious individuals that passionately and effectively help clients work towards their goals. Your goals are Destination B, and we are the fuel that can help get you there. If you’re lacking in ambition, or just don’t quite know where to start, get in touch today. Let us be the ambition driving you towards your goals.

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