May 26, 2021

Being a boutique Real Estate agency, with a highly bespoke approach towards property, gives Telos Group a unique point of difference and a competitive edge. Many boutique brands – across a range of different industries – often come up against the same, outdated pushback: you’re not big and you don’t have the reach. Well, surely by now most people have heard of David and Goliath. Being bigger is not always better. When it comes to how personal property is, the nuances of the industry and the diverse needs of different buyer groups we firmly believe that the age old saying of quality over quantity goes a long way. READ ON TO LEARN WHY SIZE DOESN’T MATTER, EXPERTISE DO WHEN IT COMES TO LISTING YOUR HOME.


Having a wide reach isn’t the be all and end all in today’s now globally connected society; having the right reach is! In order to ascertain this, you have to know who you are trying to reach. Who is the ideal buyer? Or, in some cases, who are the ideal buyers? Being able to clearly identify potential buyers enables you to establish a more effective, purposeful marketing strategy from which to showcase your home. When chatting with possible agents put them to the test! Ask them who the potential buyers are and how they would specifically market your home to appeal to these buyers. If they’re unable to clearly articulate how they would create custom marketing strategies to engage these buyers, then NO DEAL. Do not work with an agent that can’t attract the interest of the right buyers! Working with an experienced agent to flesh out the narrative of the ideal buyer is an essential starting point. A simple formula to remember is that the right buyer equates to the right price.


To condense agent selection, we recommend following these four fundamentals


1. PROPERTY: Your agent should recognise the value of your home, points of difference, pros’n’cons and what features to accentuate to lure in the right interest! Your agent will also have a genuine understanding of local surroundings and amenities


2. PRICE: Your agent will have a clear target and identify the top value of your property. Knowing the value of your home can enable you to consider marketing strategies and when to sell, or hold off. With this, your agent will suggest the most strategic method of sale; a method specifically targeted at the right buyer(s).


3. PROMOTION: Your agent will be well versed in how to market your home. Promotional avenues, capturing the interest of that golden buyer are crucial to get the right people through the door. An appealing promotion results in appealing offers.


4. NEGOTIATION: Your agent will be lethal with their negotiating ability. We believe that this skill is the most significant when it comes to getting a premium price for your property. If value added and return on investment is your top priority, your agent needs to have the negotiating skills to make this a reality for you.


Selling your home should not be a stressful experience. Partnering with an agent that understands you and cares about the overall outcome alleviates stress and paves the way for an enjoyable journey for all. It’s not the size of the agency that matters. The skillset of the team and bespoke level of expertise makes all the difference. Whilst anyone can put a property up online, what people can’t do is negotiate to get you that premium price. Work with an agency committed to getting your results. Work with Telos Group.

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