May 26, 2021

If you’ve never sold before, the idea can seem overwhelming. And for those that have sold before, it’s hard not to compare your experience. How do I sell a house in Auckland? Selling your home should be an exciting and empowering journey. At Telos Group, a distinguishing feature of our agency is our bespoke approach towards selling your home. Selling your house is fun and the best way to sell a property is to align yourself with an effective agent.

Every client has different reasons for selling, different homes to list, and different motivations pressing the sale. With so many differing factors, it’s naive to assume a ‘one size fits all’ approach can be used when selling a home; yet, we still see this happening across many well known brands. Telos Group is committed to dispelling this approach and ensuring tailored, effective marketing campaigns for each of our valued clients.

Sounds great, right? But where on earth do you start?

Selling your home is sequential. We’ve broken down the stages of selling your home to support you in this process and shed a little light on the ‘ins and outs’ of these steps.

  • Take time to consider your motivations for selling

Before you can even get the ball rolling, you need to understand what ball you’re trying to roll. Are you wanting to upsize, downsize, relocate, free up capital, invest further, move to the beach? Your reasons for selling will be unique to you and act as a driving factor throughout the listing period. Our Telos Tribe are experts at helping you flesh out this bigger game plan. Even if you’re on the fence about selling, having a friendly chat can help you forward-map where you want to be, enabling you to make the right decisions in the present.

  • Pair yourself with an agent that will put your needs first 

The real estate industry is saturated with agents. Some agents invest heavily in advertising their own brand, others’ accolades are heard via word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to “interview” agents. It’s a huge decision to list your home and you want to feel secure in the person designing, driving and executing your marketing campaign. Our Telos Tribe are spoken highly of, committed to their clients – as highlighted through their returning clients – and are skilled, results-driven industry experts. Click here to meet our Telos Tribe.

  • Compare apples with apples

Once you are confident with your agent and have explored the narrative behind your property, it’s time to compare apples with apples. What’s your home worth? With a comprehensive property inspection and timely appraisal you can establish your price. For many, this can be a key motivation for selling  – especially in the seller’s market we’re currently in! This is a clear starting point in which your agent will design your campaign from, consider your target demographic, and discuss your means of sale.

  • Start shining that apple

Before your home goes to market, it needs to be top shape! Our Telos agents know what sells homes and will support you in the process of getting your property ready to list! Street appeal is an important factor to consider, as are how spaces are staged. Professional advice and guidance will help you feel confident that you’re putting the best version of your home on the market. From here, our Telos Tribe create engaging content; ranging from videos, professional photography, 3D open-homes, floor plans and even feature blogs! All of these mediums will combine to create your bespoke marketing package, designed to best sell your home.

  • Market your home and roll out the welcome mat

Your home will now be ready to market! This is an exciting milestone and one to celebrate. Be proud of getting to this point and the features of your property – they will be attracting the attention of the right buyers! This stage is all about rousing interest and drawing people to open homes, or arranging private viewings. Our Telos agents know that this needs to be an aggressive and well-executed step in selling your home. Generating as much genuine interest as possible from the start equates to a more competitive desire to buy, affording you more appealing bids and offers. When done right, this can be the hook, line and sinker of your campaign!

  • Time to look at what’s on the table

Your agent will have already worked with you on the mode of sale. Depending on preference, the most common modes are tender, negotiation or auction. This will be a deliberate part of your sales campaign and something you would have discussed when choosing your agent and beginning to compare to other homes on the market. The Telos Tribe are skilled negotiators, employing industry prowess to get the best results for our clients when it comes to selling. When looking at what’s on the table, you look at more than the numbers. Together, you’ll explore the conditions of offers and discuss the implications of certain bids. This stage is not always hurried but it should always be thorough. Legal guidance further asserts your understanding of this step and our Telos agents ensure you are aware of all options presented to you. Negotiating is an important part of this step; choose an agent that is confident and effective in doing so!

  • Pop the bottle! You’ve sold your home

Sorting out the finer paperwork and signing contracts can be an exhilarating last step, almost as exhilarating as whacking that ‘SOLD’ sign over your board. This is the end stage of selling your home but not the end stage of your journey. When you spoke with a Telos agent earlier, you would have explored your future property narrative. So, what comes next for you? With the confidence of a sold home in your back pocket, you have options moving into the future.

At Telos Group, we pride ourselves on taking our clients with us and empowering them in their property experiences. We are the best little agency on the coast and have our ear to the sand with what’s happening in the industry. The seller’s market is thriving. If you’ve been thinking of selling, or want to learn more, we would love to help you action your own goals and get your ducks in a row.

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