My plethora of perspective stems from the ground up when it comes to property! A depth of experience that first started in my hometown in Queenstown working in construction of high-end lifestyle properties.

Dealing in multimillion-dollar assets and impeccable landscapes endowed me with the understanding of client visions and the importance of a streamlined, refined process and what commitment to detail means, to ensure my clients are presented with a personalized plan catered to them in order to achieve optimum results.

My straight-talking approach that I have developed throughout my career was influenced by my upbringing growing-up on a Southland farm, shooting from the hip with all honesty and consistency. Transparency and trust is what I most value when working with clients to execute their property goals.

My vocation in building has resulted in an arsenal of property skills gained throughout the years. Tenacity, an eye for detail paired with a well-versed product knowledge, understanding of architectural styles and appreciation craftsmanship is what I bring to the table.

Although preferences vary, I believe that all end results are the same – everyone wants to create their own space and own home thus my personal approach comes to play and is greatly appreciated by clients that are well assured that their asset is in great hands.

Optimism is what I always try to illustrate in any conversation, formal or not; and I try to seek opportunity in any uncertainty and silver-linings in the unexpected.

When dealing in what can typically be a stressful industry, I’m dedicated to alleviating this pressure from my clients and facilitating them in their property journey. Get in touch to learn more and let me assist you in making that house your home.

Brad Leonard – Making that House Your Home.