May 26, 2021

In the property sector, it’s never good to sweep things under the carpet! But now is the time to get sweeping! Literally!


Spring is the perfect season to pull up your sleeves, dust off those boots, get out into the garden* and sort through that overcrowded linen cupboard. Make the most of the glorious extra sunshine and longer days so you can enjoy summer…and, should the opportunity present itself, have your home ready to go!


A ‘Spring Clean’ is a globally recognised term; in fact, it even features in the dictionary! A timely thorough cleaning of your home can boost your mood and the process of cleaning can even help to release endorphins. One of the most time consuming factors when properties go on the market is preparing them to be ‘open home ready’. Fair enough. We understand the importance of staging and having everything just right. You can make this process easy for yourself by annually committing to a deep spring clean. It can also feel rather rewarding decluttering your home and getting stuck into a deep scrub. While we’re not going to convince you of the multiple benefits of having a clean home, we’re going to give you some manageable tips to help streamline your spring clean! So, here’s a five-step plan to get our home spick and span!


1. Set aside designated time to start your spring clean

By locking this in the calendar you are effectively creating an event. And, whilst it might not be the most exciting event, a level of accountability always helps us action tasks. What’s even better about this event is that you need not worry about shifting alert levels due to COVID-19. Whether we’re in Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 there’s always time to to scrub your front door and mop the floor! Write a checklist in advance to help you prioritise what you want to achieve with your spring clean. This is a simple tip as there is nothing more rewarding than being able to strike an item off a ‘to-do’ list. This will also reinforce progress and help you maintain momentum. If you need to boost your motivation, arrange hosting a BBQ or games night at yours – knowing you have guests over may help you speed through your cleaning!

2. Tick off the basics that go a long way in achieving a clean home

Achieving a deep clean of your home is not as quick as you may like to think. In fact, it may be a process you tackle one room at a time. Break it down into manageable steps to ensure you can put your property’s best foot forward. Basics should include: windows (internal and external), grooming the front entrance, wiping down floors and main surfaces, and giving the carpet a good deep clean! When it comes to carpet, don’t be afraid to hand this over to the professionals or hire a commercial carpet cleaner to get the job done right.

3. When in doubt, apply fresh paint!

Just like we enjoy splashing water on our face to ‘freshen up’, slapping on a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in sprucing up your home. Whether you want to upgrade your front door, lighten up a room, or tidy up your roof, fresh paint achieves quick results and is a cost effective way of adding value to your property. If you’re looking to paint an outdoor fence, get the kids involved and turn it into a weekend activity. It’s the perfect season to use ice-cream as a bribe too!

4. First impressions count! Freshen up your entrance

Go for the small wins! Weeding the front garden, sweeping off the deck or water blasting the drive creates an instant visual sense of success. It enhances your street appeal and will act as motivation to keep that forward momentum with the overall spring clean. It’s also incredibly rewarding to return home and feel a sense of pride when you clock off from work. For those of you that aren’t really green fingers, sign up to

our Telos Newsletter and go in the draw to win a free spring gardening experience*. A little treat may include upgrading a letterbox or the number decal on your front gate. A new pot plant or welcome mats are budget-friendly options to give that front door the extra sparkle!

5. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Clutter is not great. It can make us feel overwhelmed, make it easy to forget where we placed things and change the atmosphere of a room. Clutter can present itself easily on: walls, shelves, book cases, shoe racks, coat hangers … anywhere! When placing art on the wall choose to give it breathing space! This draws attention to the image and can create balance. The same principle applies to shelves; have room around ornaments, frames, vases or candles. Decluttering can be a long process and often evokes nostalgia. Depending on your personality type, don’t hurry this process. Embrace this phase and if in need of inspiration check out Marie Kondo – a Japanese Organising Consultant. Her mini-series on Netflix advocates the importance of decluttering your home. Yes, a reality show exists for cleaning. In fact, multiple reality shows dedicated to cleaning exist!

Make a plan to increase your property value, set yourself up for summer and enjoy pure relaxation in your own home oasis. For those that love a ‘before and after’, treat yourself to a free non-obligation appraisal before the process. And, when you think your spring clean has been actioned, see if you’ve made improvements. You may surprise yourself with how a thorough scrub to get your property extra nice may impact the overall market price.

To chat about the benefits of a tidy home, learn about the market in your area or find out more about our professional no-obligation appraisals get in touch today!

* To go in the draw to win a free gardening service, applicants must register to our Telos Newsletter by October 31st 2020. Winner will be drawn at random 12 noon NZST, November 1st 2020 and must live in the Auckland Region. Winner will be announced on our social media feed and contacted accordingly.

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