May 26, 2021

Let’s start with some fun facts. The history of communication dates back to 500,000 BCE. On average, we use 7,000 words per day! Whilst that can be pretty hard to fathom, it’s no wonder that with thousands, no actually millions, of words floating around out there each day we are bombarded with messages. Communication can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. In its simplest form, Person A wants to get ‘said message’ to Person B. But to delve deeper, we now need to consider more about Person B – Do they speak the same language? How do they interpret tone? What previous experiences have they had with similar messages? Importantly, do they trust Person A enough to believe in their message? You see, people are more complicated than we appear. Given we historically used communication to survive, on its most basic level, it’s not overly surprising that trust is integral for communication to be effective. And in our modern context, effective communication has become one of the most important tools a business needs to possess in order to connect and appeal to clients.


We have come a long way since cave paintings and articulate grunts (or so we would like to think!) but are we any more effective with how we communicate? Our ancestors may have made the most of their cave walls but with tools such as digital newsletters, instant messenger, QR codes, podcasts, print medium, vlogs, youtube, targeted advertising and the vast modes of social media, are we effectively sharing our message? Communication is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in the Real Estate Industry, yet it is so commonly overlooked, becoming a missed opportunity. With these diverse range of modes, there is extreme potential for us to: reach a wider audience, influence and inspire, provoke and entice. Essentially, we can now reach more people than ever before – so, as a business, why wouldn’t you utilise this opportunity?


Now, we’re not talking about getting famous for sharing videos of an ill-tempered, moody looking cat, we’re talking about how businesses – specifically the Real Estate Industry – now have the opportunity to reach more potential buyers, build stronger portfolios and leave clients incredibly satisfied. Effective communication and Real Estate goes hand in hand. When it comes to dealing with one of your most important assets, you’re going to ensure you work with someone that understands you, can share your perspective, can work towards the same end goal, can broaden your own ideas and – ideally – you can trust. Funnily enough, it are these factors that also build strong relationships. These put you in good stead for developing life-long relationships of mutual respect and trust – personally and professionally.


At Telos Group, we are proud of the emphasis we put on communication and the expertise our team brings to the table. Our communication takes the form of effective negotiation skills, industrious ongoing relationships, efficient and clear messages – shared through newsletters, blogs, facebook posts, instagram, video content and out in our community, and through the common understanding we build between ourselves and our clients. We understand that communication is a powerful tool in today’s industry and has drastically grown over recent years. Effective communication is more than being able to ‘talk the talk’. It is the ability to listen, take time to consider all avenues and views, to share ideas, to challenge thoughts and to collaborate and meet with others. Effective communication is the most powerful tool any individual can possess. We’re proud to have a team of experts that have this skill. We’re proud to have a team of experts ready to share this power with you, for you.

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